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Air Boy Oil Tank (DBA Rackerby Sales & Mfg. Co. Inc.)  is  a bulk oil dispensing system originally designed for the automobile dealers the change from buying quart cans for their client's oil changes to bulk oil.  This "machine" was invented by Richard Rackerby Sr. in 1938 from San Francisco, CA.

Over the years, the company has continued to meet the ever-changing demands set forth by Fire Departments to upgrade Single Wall tanks to Double Wall Tanks.

We have further met industry demands to manufacture Aboveground Double Steel Wall Storage Tanks that are U.L. Listed. These Class 1 Flammable Tanks are designed for gasoline, diesel, aviation fuels (military & civilian), antifreeze, new oils, waste oils and more.

1997, Used oil filters were required in the majority of the U.S. to be crushed to remove all remaining free-flowing oil before recycling the steel filter and the waste oil. Air Boy met the challenge by designing an air operated filter crusher and then a large electric over hydraulic press to crusher multiple car-size filters or large truck- size filters to keep our landfills oil free. 

We are ready to meet the next industry challenge arrainged by our Federal, State and Local representatives. 

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